Conference Program 
Invited Lecture

Speaker:Dr. Maki Sugimoto
Graduate School of Medicine, Kobe University, Japan
Title:Patient-based augmented reality and bio-texture manufacturing in minimally invasive and robotic surgery


In this presentation, Dr. Sugimoto will demonstrate how his innovative use of technology is helping patients experience the best possible outcomes. He will also discuss how 3D imagin, 3D modeling and other technologies are dramatically changing the quality of education for young doctors, medical interns, nurses, as well as for patients and their families. He will also discuss how innovative use of technology is changing the way doctors practice medicine and ultimately changing the lives of patients.


A surgeon, PhD, educator and associate professor at Kobe University and University of Tokyo, Dr. Sugimoto has been instrumental in numerous medical technology development efforts including open-source medical imaging software OsiriX, surgical navigation system, minimally invasive endoscopic surgery, surgical robot, and bio-texture modeling technology using 3D printer and various resin materials that can reproduce bio-texture accurately. The movie of world's first iPad surgery led by him on YouTube was an eye opener for many and has been viewed around the world. Through such pioneer work, he has been awarded 20 national and international medical prizes.

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