Conference Program 


September 22, 2013

8:00 Registration, Speaker Check-in and Poster Setup

8:30 Welcome & Opening Remarks

8:35 Keynote Address: Dr. Maki Sugimoto
Title: Patient-based Augmented Reality and Bio-texture manufacturing for Minimally
Invasive and Robotic Surgery

9:20 Oral Session I: Augmented Reality, Visualization and Simulation

10:00 Coffee Break & Poster Viewing

10:30 Oral Session II: Image-guided Interventions: Planning, Registration and Navigation

12:10 Poster Teasers
12:30 Lunch & Poster Session

13:30 Keynote Address: Dr. Pierre Jannin
Title: Surgical Process Modeling for Intelligent CAI: Methods and Applications

14:20 Oral Session III: Robotic Applications in Computer-Assisted Interventions

15:00 Coffee Break & Poster Viewing

15:30 Oral Session IV: Ultrasound Enhanced Image-guided procedures

16:30 Discussion & AE-CAI Panel
16:55 Closing Remarks

Oral Session I: Augmented Reality, Visualization and Simulation

An Augmented Reality Approach for Initializing 2D/3D Registration
Ren Hui Gong (Children's National Medical Center)

Volume Visualization for Neurovascular Augmented Reality
Marta Kersten-Oertel (McGill University)

Oral Session II: Image-guided Interventions: Planning, Registration and Navigation

Real-time Marker-free Patient Registration and Image-based Navigation Using Stereovision for Dental Surgery
Junchen Wang (University of Tokyo)

Simultaneous Tracking, 3D Reconstruction and Deforming Point Detection for Stereoscope Guided Surgery
Bingxiong Lin (University of South Florida)

Planning of Middle Hepatic Vein-Guided Hemihepatectomy: Resection Pathway Construction and
Wenyu Chen (Institute for InfocommResearch)

Real-time Wide-baseline Registration of the Uterus in Monocular Laparoscopic Videos
Toby Collins (ISIT – Clermont Ferrand)

Registration of Preoperative Liver Model for Laparoscopic Surgery from Intraoperative 3D Acquisition
Jordan Bano (IRCAD France)

Oral Session III: Robotic Applications in Computer-Assisted Interventions

3D Robotic Catheter Shape Reconstruction and Localisation using Appearance Priors and Adaptive C-arm Positioning
Alessandro Vandini (Imperial College London)

Uncertainty-Encoded Augmented Reality for Robot-Assisted Partial Nephrectomy: A Phantom Study
Alborz Amir-Khalili (Simon Fraser university)

Oral Session IV: Ultrasound Enhanced Image-guided Procedures

Ultrasound Image-guided Mapping of Endoscopic Views on a 3D Placenta Model: A Tracker-less Approach
Liangjing Yang (University of Tokyo)

Towards CT Enhanced Ultrasound Guidance for Off-pump Beating Heart Mitral Valve Repair
Feng Li (Robarts Research Institute)

Calibration and stereo tracking of a laparoscopic ultrasound transducer for augmented reality in surgery
Philip Edgcumbe (University of British Columbia)

Poster Session:
Simultaneous Tensor and Fiber Registration (STFR) for Diffusion Tensor Images of the Brain
Zhong Xue and Stephen TC Wong

Segmentation of 3D transesophageal echocardiograms by multi-cavity active shape model and gamma mixture model
Alexander Haak, Gonzalo Sanchez-Ferrero, Harriet Mulder, Hortense Kirisli, Nora Baka, Coert Metz, Stefan Klein, Ben Ren, Josien Pluim, Theo van Walsum, and Johan Bosch

Automatic and Real-time Identification of Breathing Pattern from Ultrasound Liver Images
by Jiaze Wu, Yanling Chi, Cheng Li, Bien Soo Tan, London Lucien Ooi, Satheesh Ramamurthy and Jimin Liu

Hybrid Multimodal Deformable Registration with a Data-Driven Deformation Prior
Yongning Lu, Ying Sun , Rui Liao and Sim Heng Ong

Cascaded Shape Regression for Automatic Prostate Segmentation from Extracorporeal Ultrasound Images
Jierong Cheng, Wei Xiong, Ying Gu, Shue Ching Chia and Yue Wang

Evaluation of endoscopic image enhancement for feature tracking: a new validation framework
Faïçal Selka, Stephane Nicolau, Vincent Agnus, Luc Soler, Abdel Haffid Bessaid and Jacques Marescaux

Intensity-based 3D-2D Mesh-to-Image Registration Using Mesh-based Digitally Reconstructed Radiography
Shun Miao, Tri Huynh, Cyprien Adnet, Thomas Legris, Marcus Pfister and Rui Liao

Toward Accurate and Robust 2-D/3-D Registration of Implant Models to Single-plane Fluoroscopy
Shun Miao, Rui Liao, Joseph Lucas and Christophe Chefd'hotel

Surface Reconstruction from Tracked Endoscopic Video Using the Structure from Motion Approach
Deyu Sun, Jiquan Liu, Cristian A. Linte, Huilong Duan and Richard A. Robb

A Bayesian Approach for Construction of Sparse Statistical Shape Models Using Dirichlet Distribution
Ali Gooya, Elaheh Mousavi, Christos Davatzikos and Hongen Liao

Brain-Cloud: A Generalized and Flexible Registration Framework for Brain MR Images
Minjeong Kim, Guorong Wu, Qian Wang and Dinggang Shen

Quantized Local Edge Distribution: A Descriptor for B-mode Ultrasound Images
Wing Yin Chan, Yim Pan Chui and Pheng Ann Heng

Reinforcement Learning based Model Selection and Parameter Estimation for Pharmacokinetic Analysis in Drug Selection
Fei Gao, Jingjia Xu, Huafeng Liu and Pengcheng Shi

Delineating 3D Angiogenic Sprouting in OCT Images via Multiple Active Contours
Ting Xu, Fengqiang Li, Duc-Huy T. Nguyen, Christopher S. Chen, Chao Zhou and Xiaolei Huang

The Role of Augmented Reality in Training the Planning of Brain Tumor Resection
Kamyar Abhari, Roy Eagleson, John Baxter, Elvis Chen, Ali Kahn, Terry Peters and Sandrine de Ribaupierre

Matching Functional Connectivity Patterns for Spatial Correspondence Detection in fMRI Registration
Zhenyu Tang, Di Jiang, Hongming Li and Yong Fan







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