Presenter Guidelines

Oral Presentations

It is important that you prepare an interesting and informative presentation for the conference. You should assume that the audience will consult the printed version, rather than simply listening to your presentation.

Please consider the following guidelines as you prepare your presentation:

  • Audio-visual: a PC and an LCD projector will be provided in the auditorium for computer-based presentations. Only electronic presentations will be permitted (PowerPoint, Adobe PDF, HTML browser, etc.). Electronic presentations with a single computer screen will be the only presentation medium available (no multi-screen presentations, photographic slides, or overheads, please). Please bring your data INCLUDING ALL LINKED ITEMS (e.g.) video clips, in the same folder, on a CD or USB hard drive. Please hand in your data at media-check before the session of your presentation.
  • Time limit: You have 15 minutes (12+3 minutes for questions), including the time for your introduction and for you to walk to the podium to deliver your presentation. In some sessions there may be extra time at the end of the session that can be used for additional questions, as designated by the session Chair.
  • Computer Presentation Tips: Never use black type on a dark-colored background or white letters on a light-colored background. Use large, (18+ point size) simple block letters; the best type font is a bold sans serif (e.g. Arial). For graphs and charts, use heavy lines for curves and use a minimum of lightweight grid lines. Use only horizontal lettering unless absolutely necessary (such as on graphs); other lettering is difficult for the audience to read.

Poster Presentations

  • Instructions for Poster Teasers: All poster presenters will have to deliver a 90-second "teaser". We ask the authors of posters to provide a PowerPoint slide that will be included in a continuous presentation for the teaser session, which will take place before the poster presentation. The slides will be run in sequence without a break, and no speaker will be allowed to excess this 90-second time limit due to the very tight schedule. Please hand-in your PowerPoint slide at media-check before 10.00 a.m. on the day of your presentation.
    N.B. However, In order to make things smoother, we encourage poster presenters to submit teaser slides earlier to miar2008-teaser@miar.org. The poster teaser should follow these guidelines: (Download Poster Teaser Template)
      • Exactly 2 pages of power point slide is needed.
      • The slides should include the title of your presentation, the name of authors and their affiliations.
      • In case you include movie files, we recommend you to use .wmv format, and total size of the slide and movie files should not exceed 20 MB. In case you want to use movie files with bigger size, you can separately upload your movie files at media-check.
      • We also require you to add your paper ID. Paper ID can be found here.
      • Your teaser should be named "Teaser_<paperID>.ppt"
      • Please click here for a powerpoint teaser model. Please feel free to create your own layout, we only require that you keep the poster number on the upper right side of your slide.

      • We encourage you to submit your teaser earlier by mail to miar2008-teaser@miar.org before July 30, 23:59 pm JST.
  • Poster Dimensions: You will have an allocated space of about 90cm wide by 120cm high (36 inches by 48 inches) for one page of A0 size poster. Your poster, in portrait format, must not exceed these dimensions.
  • Poster Localization: The conference organizers will assign a number to each poster, which you will be able to find in the Program. This number indicates the localization of the poster and will appear in the upper left hand corner of the allocated space. You will have to check this information with the final program that will be given to you at the on-site registration.
  • Poster Installation & Exhibit Times: Participants are responsible for mounting their posters on the day before 9:00 am, and for removing the posters after 5:30pm on the day of the presentation.
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